Energy Work 1 Day Qi Gong Workshop with Tino Faithfull

Energy-work fundamentals

Balancing body and mind

On this day-long workshop, Tino Faithfull will introduce the fundamentals of energy work. Tino’s system relies on the cultivation of body and mind in order to initiate a deep process of transformation. An important aspect of this system is learning to engage with the energetic aspect of our body.

During this course, Tino Faithfull will introduce various qigong exercises aimed at engaging with energy work.

The systematic process of balancing body and mind, as taught by Tino, provides a strong foundation to step on the spiritual path. As such, energy work can help us address some of our deep-rooted physical and psychological imbalances.

Dealing with those imbalances allows for the creation of space on the level of the mind. This, in turn, provides a platform for the cultivation of awareness.

Beginners are welcome on this course!

Course details

Saturday 9th June 2018  10.45am – 4.45pm

Cost: £50

There will be a break for lunch halfway through the day. Please note that catering is not included as part of this workshop.

If you are interested in booking a space on this workshop please get in touch with Tino Faithfull on his website.

Qi Gong Tai Chi Teacher Tino Faithful in Chester

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