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Tracey Horton

‘Hi I’m Tracey. I am a registered Dru Yoga teacher. When not teaching yoga or practicing massage, I work full time as a solicitor specialising in personal injury.

My job means that I am often dealing with people with significant injuries. I deal with doctors of all specialisms on a daily basis which gives me a good foundation in physiology. I also deal with people with various pain conditions.

The medical reports I see also give me an insight into the psychological factors that can impact upon the physical body.

Dru Yoga strengthens the body but also teaches students how to relax and slow the breath which impacts on any residual tension in the body.

The stresses which inevitably come with my job lead me to seek out yoga, meditation and relaxing massage as a way to cope.

I initially embarked upon the Dru Yoga teacher training course in Snowdonia to deepen my personal practice and knowledge. When I enrolled it was never my intention to teach. Dru is the second largest British teacher training school.

The more I learnt, however, the more I found myself wanting to share this knowledge. Coming from a high pressured commercial environment I have found the techniques provided by DRU invaluable. In addition to sharing my knowledge with my clients I have also found that Dru can also help my colleagues. In fact, I now teach my colleagues in the board room over a lunch time.

Dru yoga is very different to any other type of yoga that I have experienced. It works with the body but also helps to calm the mind and spirit. In addition to increasing flexibility it also really helps me to relax and unwind.

My classes are suitable for beginners. Each session is designed to include a short aerobic sequence to activate the body; breathing exercises to slow the breath and relax the mind; traditional yoga postures and 30 minutes relaxation.

My classes are open to men and women attracting people of all ages and from all walks of life.

For more information click the class link here, telephone Tracey on 07813 141372 or contact us

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