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Dr Rebecca Healey

Dr Rebecca Healey

Please note that Dr Healey is unfortunately not able to accept any new clients now until spring 2019. 

My path to healthcare began following a longstanding interest in the health and wellness field. Initially drawn to Complementary Medicine, I gained diplomas in Reflexology and Nutritional Therapy in 2009, thereafter practising Reflexology part time, having achieved full membership of the Association of Reflexologists.

I went on to train in Medicine, qualifying as a Doctor with Hull York Medical School in 2016, where my research interests focused on Immunology, looking at the role of antibodies in the development of autoimmune hepatitis. Since then, I have worked in Hospital Medicine, helping patients with more acute presentations of illness. I have maintained my professional development in the Complementary Health and Wellness field throughout, with additional qualifications in Health Coaching and Medical Acupuncture.

I now divide my time between Hospital Medicine, Complementary Therapies and Health Coaching. I regularly attend research and training events in order to keep up to date, and have recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Nutrition with the University of Chester. I have also previously provided Health Coaching for the Cheshire and Wirral division of the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme.


Beehive Healthcare | Pilates, Swedish Massage and Hypnotherapy | Dr Rebecca Healey

Holistic Individualised Treatment

Wider acceptance of an Integrative approach to Medicine – the combination of both Traditional and Complementary Medicine approaches – offers the best chance of holistic individualised treatment.

I've explained why this is important and research which bears this out in my 2018 article Why we all need Integrative Medicine on my blog.

How can Complementary / Lifestyle Medicine help me?

Today’s highly driven and fast-changing climate leaves many of us subject to the physiological effects of stress and poor lifestyle habits. We have more choice than ever before, yet do not always make the right choices when it comes to maintenance of our own health and wellbeing. We lead busy lives that leave little time for the recognition of slowly developing illness, be it physical or psychological.

Conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, nonspecific musculoskeletal pain, and nonspecific digestive problems, are likely to have multiple root causes, which conventional medicine alone may not always fully address.

The risks of developing chronic conditions such as Cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes have been shown to be increased by numerous modifiable factors, including poor diet, insufficient exercise, smoking and excess alcohol, all of which can be greatly improved through lifestyle medicine approaches.

Prevention of Chronic Conditions

Attention to diet, exercise, rest, and stress management combine to form the best type of prevention for chronic illnesses that affect so many in our modern day society. But there exists a lot of misleading information about health, which can leave many feeling overwhelmed and unable to manage their own health needs effectively.

During all treatment sessions I aim to provide a combination of motivation, support and health education, in order to help others set and reach their own individual health and wellness goals.

Time and again in my practice as a complementary therapist, I have observed the powerful results that holistic complementary approaches to healthcare can achieve in conjunction with traditional medical care.


Health Coaching and Reflexology Treatments

The treatments I offer are personalised and holistic, drawing on the knowledge and skills I have built over the last ten years in medicine, nutrition, complementary healthcare, behavioural change and communication.  I offer:

Health Coaching:  Focusing on a combination of nutrition, exercise, and stress management, I use a number of motivational techniques to help you to achieve your health goals and to optimise long term health and wellbeing.

Reflexology: I use this complementary therapy to aid relaxation, enhance general wellbeing and reduce perception of stress.


Professional Memberships

General Medical Council: Registered Medical Practitioner

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council: Registered Practitioner

Member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society

Member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Member of the UK Health Coaches Association

Member of the Association of Reflexologists

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For further information, including prices and booking, please see the RJ Health and Wellbeing Website


"It is difficult to find the time to focus on nutrition, when we are leading busy lives with so many distractions. Having a health coach enabled me to focus on what my health priorities were and gave me an alternative perspective on things. The sessions gave to renewed enthusiasm for cooking and baking, which I did not expect to happen. I have also started to prepare simple meals in the week and Rebecca helped me find healthy food that I would enjoy. Rebecca is a very good listener and was both encouraging and non-judgmental. She appreciates the challenges of everyday life and made suggestions that I could easily incorporate in a busy working week."

JF, London


"Rebecca is clearly very knowledgeable on her subjects and their wider health implications. I have visited her for, in the main, nutritional and life style advise following an illness. She talks logically and straight-forwardly explains matters. She is highly supportive, caring by nature and understands the reality of life versus the ideal scenario. Her proposals are therefore balanced. Well worth a visit – even if you already like fish, nuts and don’t drink much!"

-ME, Chester


"Lovely treatment of Reflexology, I've booked my next sessions already".



The benefits I received from my treatments made life liveable and changed my rather doubting attitude to the alternative approach to medicine to one of real belief. I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone who needs help achieving a way back to a full life that encompasses a wider and more natural approach as possible."




"When I first visited Rebecca's clinic I was suffering with a condition that my GP and hospital consultant were struggling to offer a remedy route. I completed six separate Reflexology and Well Being sessions with Rebecca and can't recommend highly enough the help and advice I received. Rebecca is a goldmine of knowledge and completely generous in sharing this, my health is in a completely different place since my sessions and new understanding of health and well being issues has already made a big change to my day to day life".

-KB, London



"Rebecca’s care and attention during every session made me feel at ease and in safe hands. The effect after the Reflexology was of total relaxation. I would thoroughly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking Reflexology."



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