Welcome to Dr Rebecca Healey

We welcome Dr Rebecca Healey to the team

Dr Rebecca Healey Complementary Healthcare Therapist

Rebecca divides her time between Hospital Medicine, Complementary Medicine and Health Coaching. She says:

Time and again in my practice as a complementary therapist, I have observed the powerful results that holistic complementary approaches to healthcare can achieve in conjunction with traditional medical care

Rebecca believes that wider acceptance of an Integrative approach to Medicine – the combination of both Traditional and Complementary Medicine approaches – offers the best chance of holistic individualised treatment

Rebecca tells us that she is going to be offering the following services at Beehive Healthcare:

Health Coaching:  Focusing on a combination of nutrition, exercise, and stress management, I use a number of motivational techniques to help you to achieve your health goals and to optimise long term health and wellbeing.

Medical Acupuncture:  I most widely use this complementary therapy in the treatment of headache, migraine, and musculoskeletal pain.

Reflexology: I use this complementary therapy to aid relaxation, enhance general wellbeing and reduce perception of stress.

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