Acupuncture – Western Medical Therapist: Andrew Woodhouse
Acupuncture – Traditional Chinese  Therapist: MingXing Lin
Access Bars Therapist: Julie Flower
Amatsu (Japanese) Therapist: Linda Hornsby
Breakthrough Coaching and Hypnotherapy Therapists: Tranceform Hypnosis, Miynd Life Coaching
Counselling Therapist: Julie Flower
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist: Julie Flower
Foot Care Therapist: Lynsey McCabe
Facial – Holistic   Therapist: Laura Blanchard
Facial – Holistic Massage  Therapist: Lynsey McCabe
Facial – Massage Therapist: Monika Frackowiak
Homeopathy Therapist: Nichola Miller
Hopi Auricular Ear Candle Therapy Therapists: MingXing Lin, Lynsey McCabe
Hypnotherapy Therapist: Emma Brimson, Nicola Wagstaff, Tranceform Hypnosis
IPL – Acne / Pigmentation / Thread Veins Treatment Therapist: Emma Brimson, Jane Marsh
IPL Laser Hair Removal Therapist: Emma Brimson, Jane Marsh
IPL Laser Facial Therapist: Emma Brimson, Jane Marsh
Life Coaching Therapist: Julie Flower
Liposuction – weight loss Therapist: Emma Brimson, Jane Marsh
Maintenance Treatments – Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting, Eyebrow Threading, Manicures Therapist: Lynsey McCabe
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist: Monika Frackowiak
Massage – All Massages
Massage – Aromatherapy with Essential Oils Therapists: Sandra Leyland Williams, Lyndsey McCabe, Monika Frackowiak
Massage Ayurvedic  Therapist: Tracey Horton
Massage – Anti Cellulite Therapist: Monika Frackowiak
Massage – Aromatherapy Therapists: Sandra Leyland Williams, Lynsey McCabe, Monika Frackowiak
Massage – Ayurvedic Therapist: Tracey Horton
Massage – Full body
Massage – Hot Stone Therapists: Emma Brimson, Monika Frackowiak
Massage – Indian Head Therapists:Sandra Leyland Williams, Lynsey McCabe, Monika Frackowiak, MingXing Lin
Massage – Pregnancy  Therapist: Laura Blanchard
Massage – Swedish  Therapist: Sandra Leyland Williams, Monika Frackowiak
Massage – Tuina Healing (Chinese) Therapist: MingXing Lin
Muscle Energy Release Technique (METs) with Kinesiotaping Therapist: Monika Frackowiak
Nutrition and Dietary Therapy Therapists: Sandra Leyland Williams, Melanie Jones
Pedicure Therapist: Lynsey McCabe
Physiotherapy Therapists: GOAL Physiotherapy
Reflexology and Hypnoreflexology  TherapistL Lynsey McCabe, Monika Frackowiak
Reiki Therapists: Nicola Wagstaff, Julie Flower



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The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic (liposculpture, IPL hair removal and facials)

Lynsey McCabe, (massage, aromatherapy and maintenance treatments)

MingXing Lin (Chinese acupuncture and massage)

Sandra Leyland Williams (massage, aromatherapy and nutritonal consultations)

Monika Frackowiak (massage, aromatherapy and further physical based therapies).

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