Yoga – Hatha Vinyasa


Nicola Wagstaff practising yoga

What is Hatha Vinyasa Yoga?

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and soul and Lisette Zwart now runs the Hatha Vinyasa Classes here at The Beehive.

The health benefits of meditation and yoga may lower high BP and anxiety, decrease tension-related pain; headaches, insomnia, muscles, joints.  Hatha is the traditional Yoga practised and taught throughout India and it means sun and moon.  This essentially means that it balances our whole system, creating peace in a world of duality; our masculine/ feminine energy, our rest and action balance and our physical and emotional/mental.

Vinyasa is a flow so therefore Hatha Vinyasa works with the flow of energy and alignment in the body with flowing movements as well as the breath (Pranayama). Yoga also increases serotonin and energy levels, improve emotional stability creativity and peace of mind and improves bodily systems e.g immune system. It is often beneficial as a preventative to health complaints, combined with a healthy lifestyle and acknowledgment of the holistic approach to health and wellness  Yoga Flow is traditional Hatha Yoga under the under Yoga Alliance Accreditation and trained in Darjeeling, India.

When coming to a class please wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. You may wear socks or have bare feet. If you have a Yoga mat please bring it along, if not, we do have spares that you are welcome to use here at Beehive Healthcare Centre.

When are the classes run?

Tuesday 118:00 – 19:00 with Lisette.


How much is the class?

£7 per class pay as you go but do check out our  special offers for details of packages

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