Qi Gong Workshop 17 March

3 hour workshop

Beginners are welcome on this course!

This workshop will be  run by Tino Faithfull who has spent the last decade travelling, studying and teaching throughout Europe, Asia and America During that time he has immersed himself into the philosophy of Daoism so he could fully absorb the ancient Chinese traditions.

The workshop will concentrate on Neigong which is an internal system of cultivation of body and mind that can help us initiate a deep process of transformation.

An important aspect of neigong practice is learning to engage with the energetic aspect of our body.

In order to do this, it is required that we awaken a key energy centre called ‘dantian‘, which is located in our lower abdomen. During this course, Tino Faithfull will introduce various qigong exercises aimed at activating the dantian.

A Qi Gong session at Beehive Healthcare, Chester

In the system taught by Tino, dantian activation constitutes the first step in the process of balancing out mind and body. This process gives us a strong foundation to step on the spiritual path. As such, neigong can help us address some of our deep-rooted physical and psychological imbalances.

Starting to address those imbalances allows for the opening of a mental space, which will provide a platform for the cultivation of awareness.

For more information take a look  on Tino's website


No prior knowledge is required - bring yourself along and wear comfortable loose clothing.

The course is from 1pm to 4pm on the 17th March in the Beehive studio.

The cost of the workshop is £25

To book please complete the contact form on Tino's  Website

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