Personal Performance Coaching & Salutogenic Model Course

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Become a Professional Coach with Kogan Academy

To make a significant difference in life 

Personal Performance Coaching & Salutogenic Model* Benefits

  • Recognise the values of meaning, comprehensibility and manageability in your life
  • Learn how to boost confidence in yourself and instil it in other people
  • Improve personal communication and world understanding
  • Being able to manage the stress in yourself and your team
  • Learn how to sustain resilience in crucial times and empower your team

On course registration and acceptance you will immediately have student’s insurance cover and on completion of the course to certification level you will be able to obtain full indemnity insurance.

Insurance and Certification

On full completion of this course and after passing the final assessment* (optional) you will received a recognised Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching & Salutogenic Coaching Model** Practitioner

*There is an option to study the course for personal benefits without final exams and certification at reduced costs
**Salutogenic Coaching Model was developed by Marina Kogan along with two other coaches and published in the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring on August 10, 2014

Is this course right for me?

The Personal Performance Coaching & Salutogenic Model Course is designed for those who would like

  • To become a Professional Coach as a career choice.
  • To enrich their professional portfolio with a recognised coaching qualification.
  • Are in a managerial role and wish to develop your abilities further.
  • To learn the theory and master coaching techniques and models to use in your professional capacity.
  • To gain coaching techniques for your personal benefits

Benefits to your company

In the current political and economic situation, companies are facing new challenges on a daily basis, especially with the new legislation, changes and Brexit.

This Personal Performance Coaching course provides efficient tools to operate in the changing times for all employees, including managers, supervisors or anyone in a role of responsibility.

Experience and research show that by applying a coaching mindset to employees, company culture can be improved by creating a more collaborative, understanding, and thriving environment. It has been proven that people then communicate in a more trustworthy manner, taking into consideration each other’s values, being more confident within the team and inspiring each other.

Happy positive people create a happy productive workforce.

What you and/or your employees will gain

Your employees will be able to manage stress; to communicate effectively with customers and within their teams; to improve their confidence.

The benefits of the Personal Performance Coaching can also result in:

  • Increased productivity. It is proven that contended, happy, valued staff are more productive
  • It leads to increased sales, more orders
  • Improved communication with clients resulting in repeated business
  • Recommendations about your business

Your employees and yourself will master coaching models to enhance life skills that enhance both their working and personal life. This will result in your staff becoming more productive, managing stress effectively, and sustaining resilience in crucial times.

Managers can address their leadership style and implement coaching practices to manage teams.

On-going Study

The participants receive additional materials for each model for studying further in their own time. It is encouraged to practice the new skills together to further develop their new tools and skills, therefore creating stronger teams and work towards achieving your company’s goals.

Motivated, confident, inspired people are the outcome of this course and Return On Investment

 Course Details

The course is delivered by Marina Kogan of the Kogan Academy and begins on 7th November 2017, with the final assessment taking place 3rd – 10th April 2018.

A certified course, including the final assessment and Diploma to gain full indemnity insurance for your business is £2,100 per student.

The course alone, with no certification, is £1,800 per student.

For further details on becoming a coach take a look on the Kogan Academy website

To register your interest please email:

info@kogancoaching.comkogan coaching logo

or call: 0795 7245635

To make sure if this course is right for you, a short initial interview with Marina Kogan is required over the phone or in person.

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