Opera Mask Blue Light Facial

For Acne Prone Skin

• Powerful anti-bacterial treatment

• Treats all grades of acne without irritation

• Reduces oil production

• Prevents future breakouts

• UV free alternative for eczema and psoriasis

• Anti-inflammatory / cooling effect
• Treats enlarged pores and sebaceous glands • Accelerates skin repair & healing
• Increases cell permeability and absorption

The OPERA light therapy facial is a very effective anti ageing and anti acne treatment..This includes a triple deep cleanse prepping session using the LUMA PRO exfoliation system.A light enzyme peel to give the skin a light exfoliation finished off with a luxury facial massage using specific serums tailored to the skins needs and selected by your therapist.

Kate McIver Skin SpecialistThis treatment is provided by Kate McIver of Kate McIver Skin at Beehive Healthcare, Northgate Avenue, Chester

Price List

Kate manages her own appointments, to book message Kate on Facebook or email her

Please note Kate requires a 20% deposit on booking which is refundable unless cancellation is within 24 hours of the appointment

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