Introduction to Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient system of cultivation aimed at improving our health, enhancing our overall well-being and helping us effect spiritual growth.

Qi Gong involves a mix of gentle body movement, breath work and standing postures.

As a result, body and mind are allowed to fall into a state of balance.

Tino Faithfull is running two workshops this winter at The Beehive


Regular Qi Gong practice helps with the following:

✓          relieve stress and tension

✓          calm the mind and centre yourself

✓          stabilise your mood and emotions

✓          develop focus and awareness

✓          learn to deal with negative emotions

Qi Gong Tai Chi Teacher Tino Faithful in Chester

Qi Gong Xindao logo


Two Introductory Workshops will be run on

Wednesday 31st January 2018   7pm – 8pm

Wednesday 28th February 2018  7pm – 8pm

During these hour-long workshop Tino Faithfull will provide an introduction to Qi Gong.

No prior experience of Qi Gong is required.

Beginners are welcome!

No need to bring anything, but make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes.

Cost of session: £5

If you are interested in attending either or both of those events, please get in touch through my Qi Gong School website to book a space.

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